How to Make Your Data Center Eco-Friendly

When you look back into the past you would understand how the environment has changed. With trees reducing and emission of carbon footprints exponentially rising, the Earth is not green like it used to be. The increase in catastrophes and the extinction of species clearly show that climate change has become severe. As a part of nature and biodiversity, it is incumbent upon us to do everything possible to revive the planet.

Energy consumption is one of the main reasons for environmental pollution and Data centers are responsible for a good percent of energy consumption. However, to combat environmental issues, it is possible to make data centers eco-friendly in some simple ways. Millions of data centers are present in the World and if all of them become eco-friendly the pollution rates can be lowered significantly. It’s not impossible for all the data centers to go green but it’s challenging. However, if one can inspire others, hopefully, we can see it happening in the near future. Little drops of water make the ocean (Wink!).

Let us see the steps to make your data center eco-friendly.

Install VFDs
Placing air-cooled chiller units is something commonly done in data centers. An air-cooled chiller comprises an evaporator, compressor, condenser, and evaporation which work together to dissipate heat. This unit consumes a lot of energy to work seamlessly. However, installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) can help in stabilizing the energy consumption by enabling the compressor to reduce rotational speed but work efficiently. This ultimately means the compressor will work only during peak time and thus, the power consumption of the chiller can be reduced.

Adjust the temperature
The equipment used in data centers should be always cool and that’s why data centers are equipped with Air conditioners. However, Air conditioners can consume a lot of power. Hence, adjusting the power according to the atmospheric heat can help a lot in saving energy. So it’s always important to keep an eye on the air conditioner’s temperature. Unwantedly cooling the system can result in overconsumption of energy.

Utilize virtualization technology
It’s apparent that energy consumption rises in tandem with the increase in the number of machines. Thanks to technology, now we have a virtualization method that can reduce the number of machines and help in reducing energy consumption as a result. To make your data center eco-friendly, adhering to virtualization technology like cloud infrastructure resources would be a great option.

Use renewable energy
The majority of the data centers are equipped with generators that can provide backup if there is a power outage. Hence even if the main power goes off, the generators will keep the data centers up and running. On the sour note, since these generators are running continuously by burning diesel, the pollution can significantly rise. However, to tackle this problem, the generators can be run on solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric plants which can create renewable energy without being hazardous to the environment. This is an ideal way to reduce the carbon footprints on a colossal scale.

Reuse or recycle the equipment
It’s no secret that every data center providers or server management company looks forward to cutting the operational cost. Recycling or reusing the equipment at the data center can help not just in reducing the cost but also helps in reducing the environmental impact. Even if it becomes obligatory for you to acquire new equipment, the old one can be refurbished and handed over to another company. This way the environmental impact can be reduced massively

Make use of natural air
Air-cooled chillers help to keep the heat created the machines at bay. However, at times, the use of air-cooled chillers can be avoided if your data centers are located in a cold region or if the climate is cold. Letting in the natural cold air is the best sustainable way to keep your machines cool. This way you can effectively lessen the energy consumption of the chillers.

Control the lights
Every place will have lights and data centers will definitely boast lights. Equipping LED lights or sensor lights which only turn on when there is a physical presence can bring a lot of difference in energy consumption. Moreover, ensuring the lights are not turned on unnecessarily can also help in saving energy. Controlling the lighting can be applied to every company and not necessarily data centers.

With climate change looming large, it has become imperative to follow sustainable ways for not just data centers but everything. It’s high time to take action to revive the environment and it is our responsibility to do so since nature is our asset. To contribute to the environment, ensure your data centers are eco-friendly by following the aforementioned steps. Adding to that, refrain from using plastics and plant more trees. If we act as a unit, it’s possible to curb the pollution for good and save the earth.

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